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Madness 9-10: final breath

Here you go, two final images from this editorial. Below are few comments from industry expert, and my fellow students in this course. Bjorn Schtrumpf: Great display of a wide array of emotions by your model. However I am not sure how they relate to the themes you picked from the s/s 16 collection. The images are carefully lit and post-produced, unfortunately for me they do not relate to Nicks brief. Standing up in their own right, they invoke a strong connection with the viewer indeed. For me the colour toning is not necessary at all, I rather find it does distract from the entire set as it disjoints the story towards the end. In future I would stick to a certain mood/look and carry it thro

Madness 7-8

I have very carefully placed my images in the specific order. The entry/calmness --> danger -->attack --> jumping from fake calm to strong emotion --> breath of relief. "fake calm" was in previous blog, also in this. And now we also enter "strong emotions". #studio #fashion #creative #mastered #concept #portrait #editorial #malemodel

Madness 5-6

There is little if none fashion in this editorial. As Nick said, this project was not about fashion, but rather about connection with the model: "...This project is about being inspired by the concept of a collection, not about shooting the actual collection...". "...the images you create for fashion should be influenced by current concepts as well as you own personal vision..." #editorial #mastered #studio #fashion #malemodel #nudes #concept

Madness, 3-4

I have taken the main theme of my chosen collection and interpreted it very differently. Yu Amatsu saw calm and romantic water, I saw a storm brewing under the surface. The only thing connecting my editorial with the chosen brand is water theme, and several details I've tried to emulate. Never the less, the whole shoot was totally inspired by the collection: beauty + water + anger = sharks, danger, violence ==> madness. Images no 3 and 4. #portrait #editorial #malemodel #concept #mastered #fashion #studio

"Stripes" update

And the last image from my Photography Scavenger Hunt album. I wanted to something not so obviously chiche as glass with water and stripes on background, or some nude body or face next to window blinds. However the shell was the only thing with stripes at my home that I could find. I made the tentacles with 3D-doodler, and glued them inside small shell with hot glue. After that just short photo session and plenty of LR and Ps. The final image: Awarded with the Honourable mention! #blue #hunt #creative #concept #photoshop

Madness, 1-2

In the fashion photography course "Mastered: Photography with Nick Night" we were asked to research one Spring/Summer 2016 fashion collection, be inspired by it, and produce an editorial of 10 images. No professional models were allowed, instead unconventional beauty was strongly encouraged. I chose collection "Hanae Mori Manuscrit" by Yu Amatsu. I also my acquaince David for help. Here are the first two images. To be continued.... #mastered #glamour #editorial #studio #concept #malemodel #fashion

"Electric" update

8th theme from the Hunt. Dark bathroom, flash, tripod, timer on camera, one hand in front, another holding small flashlight. Then repeat plenty of time first with one hand, then the other hand. After that just combine both hands, and add small spark from lightning ball. The hardest part was to move hand into focus. I was so NOT thinking about Michelangelo "creation of Adam" hands. Awarded the 2nd place and Honourable mention! #hunt #photoshop #creative #concept

"Brick" update

Theme number 7 from The Hunt. Just open your mind, look at it and imagine your own story. Awarded 1st place, 3rd place, and also Honourable mention! #hunt #studio #photoshop #concept #creative #malemodel

"Fish" update

Now when the 2015 autumn hunt is over, I finally got a kickass picture for this theme. With a real fish... *sigh * But in August I was without any original ideas, so I call Photoshop for the rescue. It was quite educating project as I've learned several cool tricks, for example, how to add a realistic shadow Here are the initial photograph that I used: And here is my final image after few hours of trials and errors: Awarded the Honourable mention! #hunt #studio #creative #photoshop #concept #malemodel

"Juicy" update

Second theme from Autumn 2015 Photography Scavenger Hunt was "Juicy". The full album can be seen here on g+. While browsing Behance portal, I was really impressed by Dina Belenko's work , so I decided to try something similar. Here are BTS pictures and the final image. How it was done: lemon slice was fixed to wooden board with hot glue, and water was poured with syringe from below. Adding layers and masks in Ps: Fixing horizon: Cleaning background, fixing details, and adding additional textures: And the final image: Update: Awarded 1st place, 2nd place, and Honourable mention #creative #hunt #concept

"Plumber" update

And again, there is this time, when albums from Chrysta Rae's Photography Scavenger Hunt are being released for public viewing! One of this Autumn 2015 Scavenger Hunts themes was "Plumber". This was my entry. Model - Jaakko Styling, MUAH, photography, and post processing - me. Update: 2nd place award. #hunt #studio #fashion #portrait #creative


One more theme from 2015 Autumn Hunt. Something sweet this time... #glitter #blue #hunt #concept #creative


Another one from 2015 autumn hunt themes. My entry was very simple, more like a technical experiment - motion freeze photography with very narrow focus depth and manual lens. My friend Martin kindly agreed to break few dishes for me. And how could have thought that it is a true art to break a dish properly!? :) #hunt #concept #creative