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Madness 9-10: final breath

Here you go, two final images from this editorial.

Below are few comments from industry expert, and my fellow students in this course.

Bjorn Schtrumpf:

Great display of a wide array of emotions by your model. However I am not sure how they relate to the themes you picked from the s/s 16 collection. The images are carefully lit and post-produced, unfortunately for me they do not relate to Nicks brief. Standing up in their own right, they invoke a strong connection with the viewer indeed. For me the colour toning is not necessary at all, I rather find it does distract from the entire set as it disjoints the story towards the end. In future I would stick to a certain mood/look and carry it through the entire shoot to help pull the story together.


I have mixed feelings with your images. I understood you couldn't find a MU&HA and that is why you choose a kind of violent/angry theme - here, you're so far away from the brand you described, that we are definitely in another projet to me. I don't feel these pictures to be fashion photography inspired by Hanae Mori Manuscrit. To me, it looks more like a personal project you wanted to achieve, it feels like images for a heavy metal band with a kind of medieval inspiration. The emotions and the relationship model/photographer are definitely here, well done ! However, I wonder about some of his attitudes that looks sometimes very feminine : your model is very raw, very "male", why having dressed him with woman clothes? Especially in the picture 7, Why this movement with his hand, that looks so feminine to me. For the post-production, I may prefer all the pictures with the same treatment (color or black and white), your series might be even more homogeneous.

Jock Robson

Great capture, your use of colour is effective. My favourite is the last image, I think the "peared back" images are more powerful.

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