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March creative photography challenge, theme no4 - Disco. I really really wanted to shoot something with big, or even huge disco ball. Mmm.. some fine art nudes perhaps. But as always, life got in the way. You just can not buy in Finland a disco ball that is bigger than 30 cm in diameter. Nope! Yes you can buy a foam ball to make a disco ball yourself, but it still 50 cm max. And in this case you should need LOTS of mirror tiles. 10 psc of mirror tiles in Sinelli costs 2e! Ouch! So... internet for the rescue! I ordered the smallest and the cheapest mirror tiles I could find. And still with all postage fees it costed me 60e. Just one A4 size sheet area of tiles. Let's calculate the surface ar


Carrot -theme from the March photography challenge. Model - Gottero Special Effects Make up by Julius Sepponen Yes, those carrots are real! No photoshop here, except cracks. Several BTS images are below #concept #fineart #photoshop #creative #makeup #studio #malemodel #gottero


One more of March photography challenge! Model and make up - Sofia Saks Sofia is a non-smoker, but for the art she is ready to do almost anything! I adore her! #studio #femalemodel #creative #concept #makeup


March photo challenge theme. Here is my interpretation. Model: Joni Justander #concept #trashion #creative #malemodel #studio #portrait