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Looking for models for a new project!

I am searching for male couples and threesomes or just intimate friends who would like to take part in my next photo project.

Project: artistic erotica calendar zodiac series.

I want to make at least 12 artistic erotica images somewhat corresponding to 12 zodiac signs: cancer, virgo, leo, ...etc. If I can manage to find some funding, printed calendar might be possible.

Mood: daring, sensual, explicit, erotic, nude, fetish, kinks, provocative, erect, intimate, black&white.

Not doing porn here! Yes, I want some erect cocks, maybe gold shower, ejaculation -nothing new here. The more daring the better. But strictly artistic! Meaning it can be printed in big format and put on the wall to appreciate as an art object. And if it excites a bit, even better. Imagine the classic paintings and sculpture, just without crotch coverings and shy poses.

Requirements: serious attitude.

Not putting up any body requirements, as I have never had a luxury to choose my models so far. Hoping for the best, but will take anyone willing to cooperate.

Come on, guys! If you are too shy, please at least share the message and spread the word!



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