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Legs, and behind the scenes...

When I relax and start daydreaming about my photography, ideas start to just pop up in my head. I usually remember the best ones, but few months back I decided to make a list. One entry was: "naked, legs crossed, head hiding behind, nipples pinched, maybe some cloth on sides".

Sound straightforward and simple. So I decided to try it out on my next model.

We have tried with a cloth, without it, the model had no trouble bending back enough to hide his head. However the biggest problem was with arms - keeping elbows in similar angle, and keeping hands and fingers looking something not as a bird claws.

All in all, I got few images that had good parts and bad parts. The more we shot, the more it was difficult for the model to keep concentration on various parts of his bodies. So in the end I decided to assemble my final image from several good parts.

Here are few shots that I chose for my final picture:

Hands - not bad, legs - quite nice, but perhaps the feet should be separate. Will use torso and arms.

Cloth - try no1. Meh... Will use fabric for left side.

Cloth - try no2. Better, but legs are not visible anymore. Will use fabric for right side.

Again, trying without fabric. Hands are bad, legs and feet - good. But nipples are not visible. Will use legs.

Here is the final image:



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