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AliExpress for the rescue!

This is not an advertisement, just my impressions on the matter. :)

So recently I have discovered such thing as a HUGE amount of various possible props on AliExpress that can be used for whatever shoot you want! And it just suck you in.

Oh. My. God.

You need to have at least few euros, and much of patience to wait while it comes.

Aaand... I could not resist, obviously. Got this nice "renaissance" collar to try out. Martin-Eric graciously agreed to model for me.

Here is the historic reference :). It was not used as inspiration, I found it on the net just now while writing this blog. Thus some styling mismatches in my images. Lets say it was my artistic interpretation.

1569, François Clouet - Portrait of a Man, called the Duc d'Alençon (Scottish National Gallery)



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