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Looking for models!


Looking for 2-3 guys for fashion photography/film TFP project in HELSINKI, FINLAND. Sensual, sexy, and might involve partial nudity.

Deadline - END of MARCH.

Mood board and inspiration on Pinterest.

If interested, please send me an email. For more info, send me an email too.


Short description of the project:

The photographs/film will be submitted to a one-off print publication called "Master", that will be launched later this year by Nick Night and his frequent collaborators, the art director Tom Kingston and the artist and model Tessa Kuragi.

Nick's new publication, is born out of a desire to bring a more genuine and personal portrayal of sex back to the forefront of contemporary fashion.

"I am not looking for imagery that objectifies women or men and I believe if the model is part of the creative process, informed and most importantly consensual to being part of it, then the subject is not being objectified. It is our hope that the reader will not only enjoy and desire the fashion in the magazine, but will feel perhaps more engaged with them on a personal and intellectual level. We hope that they will have their viewpoint on sex broadened, challenged, and maybe even aroused. It is not our aim to offend but rather to show the diversity of sex as it occurs naturally. I fully appreciate that this is a controversial brief, however, I firmly believe that it is you, the image makers of today, that need to take on board controversy and create your art in an open way free from moral restrictions." Nick Night

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