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Adidas campaign exercise

The last brief for the Photography: Mastered course was given by Gary Aspen, brand and marketing consultant for Adidas. The task was to create either 3 images + one short film (15 seconds maximum), or a set of 6 - 8 images showing iconic and strong aesthetics linked to the Adidas brand. The only restriction was to use Adidas shoes, with the ideal models being either Samba or Gazelle.

At first I checked if I have any Adidas shoes. And surprisingly, I had an old pair of Adidas Heritagio. Similar to Samba and Gazelle, but not quite. So I have asked around and got me a pair of Adidas Spezial, and they looked quite close to the required lines.

I used this opportunity to learn about Adidas history, and their previous campaigns.

I have also talked to Kevin, who happened to be a huge Adidas shoes fan. Wow! He was so passionate, that I asked him to be my model.

During this time one simple idea came to my mind - Adidas classic shoes together with you in your every day life.

Model and Adidas adviser: Kevin Ching-Nin Hii; Styling: me, Kevin Ching-Nin Hii; Assistant: Jone Dobrovolskyte.

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