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No Rules.

Now this is something completely different. A fashion film!

I have never thought that I will be doing a film. But such is life. One task for my fashion photography course was to do exactly that - a short fashion film.

Styling was done together with David. The test shoot immediately confirmed that my initial concept was too complicated for my non existing camera skills. After trying several things and failing, I had a tea break and a short brainstorming. Then we've done the filming.

The film was also submitter to ShowStudio Fashion Film Award in collaboration with QIC Global Real Estate. You can find my film among many other entries here. (WARNING! 18+!)

Here is one still image from the film.

model: David

music: No Rules by rocavaco (c) 2014 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) Ft: morgantj, Dr. Emiliyan Stankov.



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