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Fetish photography

Is it porn or is it art? How to shoot very erotic and sexual fetish and not make it vulgar and pornographic? Is it even possible? I guess it depends on the viewer in the end. Some people will see porn in totally innocent pictures, others will praise it as a highest form of art. Especially if photographs are taken by famous and fashionable photographer.

I have recently visited photo exhibition featuring Robert Mapplethorpe's works. He was definitely in to fetish. And he did not tried to hide that, which i highly respect. The photographs are regarded as art, but what exactly makes them so? Is it the novelty or shock factor? Or the fact that photographer is dead already? I believe it was quite a novelty those 30 years back, but now there are plenty of other photographers (and other random people) shooting fetish. Cross dressing, S&M, bondage... you name it. And in this "internet" world it is hardly shocking anymore. Or is it?

Anyway, i had an excellent opportunity to try and shoot some artistic fetish. I can tell you, it is difficult. Seriously. But very exiting. I saw a person in front of me in their most true and vulnerable self. And I have tried my hardest to capture this vulnerability, this inner peace and freedom, this beauty.

I really hope i managed it, at least some. But it is for you, my viewers, to decide.

In the meantime, i want to thank my model Gottero. You were wonderful!

I have added the last pictures to the gallery, which you can view by clicking on the picture below. Just keep in mind that this is strictly 18+ material!

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