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Perfect summer day

Scavenger hunt from last summer (2014).

Finally summer decided to show up it's face! Sun, blue sky, heat, strawberries. Perfect so far! This was also one of the categories from last summer hunt. Last year for me it was a swim in a warm Mediterranean waters.

During that hunt i also created a photograph, that i still consider as my most beautiful shot ever - "letter B".

As usual, thanks goes to my models: Dao, Sonja, unknown knight, Vlad, Anatoli.

The list: your city, ice cream cone, perfect summer day, red fruit, letter B, childhood memory, peace, pig, sour, worst habit.

Perfect summer day

1st place

I admit, i got some inspiration from a travel magazine cover picture. But i have made my own interpretation. The only requirement for this photo is to actually have the perfect summer/vacation day :) Composite of 3 shots.


3dt place

Honourable mention

The same model as in "fruit". It is good to have talented MUAH team that understands what i want. I got the inspiration from one picture i had seen few years ago. It was not about the lemons, but the style was quite similar.

photography: Ra Kai Photography Styling: Ra Kai Photography Makeup: Makeup by Keiku, Hair: Meron Laine

Letter B

Two 1st places

3rd place

Honourable mention

It took me several days to build the crown. i was making it on the mannequin. When i put it on the model on the shooting day, i almost started to cry - it was gorgeous. The model fit ideally to the picture. The crown fit his head perfectly. The body glue was awesome. This came out exactly as i imagined.

My city

honourabe mention

Who said it has to my the real city??? I built this fantasy city myself on the shore rock in Corfu. After i was done, i have noticed that it became some kind of small tourist attraction on our local beach - people were taking pictures of their friends standing close to it. The city is probably still there or at least part of it. Depending on the size of storms there.

Red fruit

We had total blast while doing this one. The model really got into the character and was squeezing tomato with full force. It resulted in plenty of tomato juice flowing to the ground. Eventually the backdrop paper was destroyed and had to be replaced. The name of this picture should be "caught-red-handed-while-secretly-enjoying-the forbidden-fruit". The tomato, in this case.

photography: Ra Kai Photography Styling: Ra Kai Photography Makeup: Makeup by Keiku, Hair: Meron Laine


And here was my epic fail. I spent several weeks trying to contact local theaters, thematic clubs and thematic shops to rent/lend me an ancient warrior costume. All negative answers. So, my idea of an ancient greek solder sleeping with his spear in hand had totally failed. So i came up with the desperate shot. The portrait of the knight form the medieval fair tournaments that i was lucky to attend at the last moment.

childhood memory

Really old (about one century old) ceramic doll. It was the owners childhood doll. It definitely holds lots of childhood memories. Knowing the tendencies of our scavengers to make creepy pictures, i intentionally tried to make this doll look gentle and fragile, almost glowing.


The best and only shot that i have managed to get on this theme. Another better-than-nothing shot.

Ice cream cone

Well, Ice cream cone literally :) I suppose it is not very obvious that those are waffles on the top. I got this idea randomly, it just popped in my head, no interesting story here. I was not imagining it exactly like that, but real life limitations demanded i do some adjustments.

My worst habit

No comment :)

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