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Photography Scavenger Hunt spring 2014, no. 6 for me.

This was one of my most creative hunts. If i remember correctly, i was not struggling with any of given categories. Well, maybe just "flexibility". My ideas were in the range of doable, my models where cooperative, my GIMP skills where enough to do the job.

I was going with "light" theme in this hunt, in case you haven't noticed yet. I tried to do majority of my pics in high key lighting, with washed out colors. This is so opposite to my usual style! I used the hunt as my practicing ground to gain new skills, to see if i can change my style, and just to have fun doing something totally different. It really paid off!

Big thanks for my models: David, Anatoli, Julius, Luisa, Ija.

List: Small, Square SOOC, Lather, Photographer, Jealousy, Colourful, Wildlife, Stranger, Laughter, Flexibility


One 1st place

Two 3rd places

It was fun to shoot this picture. But i was really regretting of not having like 6 or 8 hands... or at least an assistant who would read my mind. :) Oh yes, and the thing with teaching the guy to hold camera right to at least pass as a photographer, hahaha.. :D


Two 1st places

Two honourable mentions

Simple context, simple shoot, almost no postprocessing needed. The plate and cup are from a "Sylvanian family" doll house tea set.


Honourable mention

foam, bubbles... the idea was not mine, and the realization was quite simple.. and it does not fit very well with the whole style of my other pictures in this hunt. But i just could not think anything better that would be not a cliche.

Stranger holding heart sign

Two 2nd places

Honourable mention

i was confused about the idea with this topic. I shot this pair during the May 1st celebrations in Helsinki.


2nd place

This one was difficult. Having no possibility to find wildlife whatsoever, i was brainstorming for a long time how to solve my problem. Finally i had an idea of "hiding" wildlife. The result is here.


Honourable mention

Well, the picture itself is not very colorful, but i had this awesome idea and it took lots of effort to do. The best part was to do the footprints. The kid was just having a blast, and squealing and laughing and squirming all the time while i was painting his feet. that was sooo funny! :)


3rd place

That was my first shoot where we had hair artist and make up artist in the studio. I was so nervous. Yeah, at least for now i prefer the intimacy of me and my model. To hell with fancy hair and makeup!


I believe it will be difficult to see anything flexible here at first sight. :) And it really fits well with the "colorful" theme... But! Think about the flexibility of mind, flexibility of views, flexibility of the eye, flexibility of the iris in the end.

Square (straight out of camera)

again, did this with high key lights. The original idea was from about a year ago, that i did for my weekly black and white project. That one, however, was done with low key lights. What i learned from this shoot is that it is almost impossible to find nice looking cutlery in flee markets, and all "silverware" of today as very boring and ugly. I managed to buy several old forks and knifes, and borrowed several spoons for this shot. Due to the nature of the object, it is also unofficial selfie of mine :)


well, nothing to add here really...

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