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This project was simmering for more then a year. I have even tried to get some funding for it to make an exhibition prints. Unfortunately I got no funding. Perhaps because the images had not been yet done, or perhaps the granting comity was too snobby and scared. 

I have decided to make images anyway. And hopefully I will have enough funds someday to actually make big prints.

Big kudos for my brave model, who would do anything for the art!


I think the issue of nudity and sex censorship in modern media is very important. Without noticing the society revokes a very basic right of expression for itself. No longer is anyone surprised when a picture of woman's breast is deleted by Facebook or Instagram or Google plus, or any number of other popular internet platforms. It is important to notice this fact, to reflect on it and to challenge this approach to art and expression.


The images I made may seem shocking, but they are also beautiful in traditional sense of the word. They should serve as a reminder that we CAN make these sorts of images, and we CAN print them, and we CAN publish them, and there is nothing wrong with deriving strong emotions from the images.


While it is the artist who is primarily concerned with freedom of expression, there is something for the viewer too. That is acceptance and being comfortable with images that portray human nature in its essence. When all the major internet media censor themselves in this way, the society seems to follow the suit, it effectively criminalizes these aspects of life. This is a slippery slope that leads to lower tolerance and eventually barbarism.

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