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Art of Looking


My response to Collaboration: Mastered brief set by Fabien Baron to the entire Mastered network in May 2017.



My team:

Art direction, photography and retouching - Ra Kai Photography 
Styling - Mia Siren and Maia Hirvonen 
Makeup and hair - ​Maia Hirvonen 
Model - Betty Fvck 


The editorial was recently published by Sheeba Magazine, August issue, Volume I

For me "Art of looking" has strong association with the idea of scientific methodology and philosophy of science. The ability and art of looking at things, and seeing them, recognizing them. Also seeing new, previously unseen things. Making a discovery. 


In my concept leather bondage represents the limits of human mind, limits of technology, limits of observer's ability to look and truly understand what they see. 


The thin and airy tulle symbolizes the veil of mystery, the thin border between known and unknown, the desire to go up, to learn new things. 


The microscope, binoculars, monocle, and other props represent science and scientific tools.

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