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10 magazine brief: Masks

One more brief from my Mastered course. This one was given by 10 Magazine. The objective was to find a team and make an editorial with them.

For this editorial I contacted the local leather accessories designer Jenni Ahtiainen (gTIE) and men fashion designer Marjut Uotila (Dusty). Another source for clothes was a second hand shop.

And it was my first time shooting at location!

All in all this was my most intense photoshoot ever, due to new location, people, and tight deadline.

I have done this editorial almost 3 months ago, but only now I am able to calmly look at these images.

Location - Klaus K Hotel, Helsinki;

Styling - me and Jone Dobrovolskyte;

Clothes - UFF Second Hand shop and fashion designer Marjut Uotila "Dusty" ("Acolyth" fashion store, Helsinki);

Accessories - designer Jenni Ahtiainen "gTIE";

MUAH - me and Jone Dobrovolskyte;

Assistant - Jone Dobrovolskyte;


Photography and editing - me.

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