Urban legend

"Urban legend" was the the third theme of Autumn 2015 Photography Scavenger Hunt. The photo album was released online yesterday. You can see all interpretations on g+ here. When I tried to think of any urban legend for the Hunt, obviously I have checked web. And it gave me one answer - urban legends in most cases are some horror stories. The image I have used for this theme is my favorite from all hunts. The photograph itself was not staged at all. I can even say, it was just a random shot in a forest. It is not obvious by far, and the horror is very subtle there, more like suggestion of future menace. So what is it about? In 1998 one japanese mangaka Junji Ito released his written and illu

"Oyster" opportunity

There are several opportunities to get noticed and published by a number of fashion magazines on the fashion photography course I am participating at the moment. The first one is by "Oyster" magazine. The deadline was yesterday, the theme for submission was "Romance". They wanted something unusual and not obvious. After a long thought I've submitted this image: ​ Romance with inner self. In love with alter ego. Passionate about self freedom.

Hot September

I totally forgot to post images from one of my test shoots in September. How was it a test shoot? Because I used baby oil treatment on skin. I am so satisfied with the results! Skin really looks much better, the trick is not to add too much oil. More pictures from this shoot you can find by clicking on the picture below. Be careful though, it is 18+ material and work NOT safe! :)

Fashion and me

So, as part of my learning I went through all 164 collections of menswear spring 2016. All of them! Took me several days... I liked only 22 of them. Few of those 164 were funny, but majority was just a repeat of styles from '60 or '70. Bah, so boring! And where from is this desire to squeeze people into narrow and almost too small pants and jackets? Are there not all too many restrictions in our lives already? Are you dying to know what I liked? Here are the names: Alexandre Plokhov, Astrid Andersen, Balenciaga, Balmain, Belstaff, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Bottega Veneta, Christopher Raeburn, Costume National, Craig Green, Damir Doma, Diesel Black Gold, Dsquared2, Faith Connexion, Greg Lauren, J

Exciting times

On October 10th I was accepted to the photography course, led by the icon of fashion photography and film, Nick Night. Yes, I feel very flattered and honored to take part in this epic journy together with other rising and already established stars in fashion industry. I also feel a bit overhelmed and challenged. But I love serious challenges. Yes! So, for the next intensive 4 months I will do things I have never done before. How exciting!


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Small series. Again. :) I would like to put one photograph from this series to "nude" portfolio. However I just can't decide which one is the best. You wanna help me? Then click on the pic below and go to the gallery. Then you can just rate the pics. Thank you!

Part 3 - Apathy

The last part of "Misery" series. My big thanks to the model for braving the cold studio and being patient to repeat again and again some quite uncomfortable and demanding poses for me. All 3 parts are in the "Creative" portfolio. You can get there by clicking the picture.

Misery and other autumness

Having been in a bad mood during the recent weeks, the shoot of last week somehow transformed into 3 pictures, featuring dark human emotions. The first one is called "Sorrow". p.s. if you click on the picture, you will be able to see it a bit bigger, in "Creative" gallery.